About Us

Media Films Craft is headed by Navroz Prasla who has an association with the Bollywood from past twenty years.

Media Films Craft Inc. represents a unique fusion of American and Indian film cultures. We are not an art house company, we respect good story telling, but our aim is to make movies that are slightly off kilter with a certain edge. Of course, we want to make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes, get your heart pumping, but we also want you to think, to create amazing images that entertain, communicate, influence and shapes people’s views about subjects as diverse as health, music, films, television and many aspects of our society.

At Media Films Craft the international standards and quality are from the international market. We adopt western style of film making without forgetting the Indian culture and we understand that every project has a unique set of objectives, specific requirements, therefore we take great precaution in accessing the creative and production needs and other parameters keeping in mind the budget and the deadlines! Our sharp strategic and in depth knowledge of local resources will execute any project in most effective and organised manner.

Media Films Craft is a Houston-based production company focused on developing and producing independent feature films. Established in 2008.